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Instagram strategy

Providing a comprehensive Instagram strategy for your profile. The strategy includes:

        • Defining your main Instagram goals
        • Your current metrics
        • Competitor research
        • Defining your target audience
        • Best times to post
        • Recommended content pillars
        • Proposed engagement strategy
        • 30 researched hashtags
PRICE: €350 (approx. $420)
Hashtag research

Creation of a personalized hashtag vault. All of the hashtags are active, filled with quality content and used by businesses within your industry or your ideal customers.

        • 30 small hashtags (0-50k posts under hashtag)
        • 30 medium hashtags (50-500k posts under hashtag)
        • 30 large hashtags (500k+ posts under hashtag)
PRICE: €200 (approx. $240)
Instagram engagement

Everyday engagement (Mon-Fri) from your Instagram profile. 30 minutes a day. Included:

        • Engaging with 10 ideal profiles (list provided by client), your ideal audience/collaborators
        • Outreaching to 5 new profiles a day
        • Commenting and replying to posts, liking new posts, engaging with stories

PRICE: €300/month (approx. $360)

Writing captions

Providing 12 post captions for your profile per month (approx. 3 posts per week).

Each caption includes a CTA (call-to-action) to encourage readers to engage.

PRICE: €200/month (approx. $240)

Need more personality?

We can discuss what your business needs and determine the package price just for you!

For any custom services, please reach out to me in email or book a free consultation call through Calendly.