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Lizzy's Christmas Party 2022 Debrief

Overall statistics

Regular Goody Bag signups by day

This year I offered my Insta-DONE: Craft Your Perfect Bio course (usually sold at $9). It’s a great introduction into my world for new people and something that I’ve found is useful for most business owners. This is something that I’ve covered in almost every single one of my 1:1 consultations and IG profile audits so I made it as a separate product in 2022. It takes about 90 minutes to finish it all and gives an immediate result aka people have transformed their IG bio to be more converting and precise.

1429 people grabbed this product for free, this is how it looked divided by each day 👇

Premium Goody Bag signups by day

I offered another product that I’ve made this year, IG LIVE Success (usually offered at $111). This is basically all my tips, knowledge, resources, DM scripts and everything combined into one toolkit. I’ve successfully led lives with many people on my Instagram, most of them being a lot bigger accounts than mine. For example, Laura from (creator of Reels Report membership). These resources have made it easy for me to invite people to lives, schedule them and make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

402 people grabbed this product for free, this is how it looked divided by each day 👇

Biggest lessons

  • Test, retest and test again. I tested my signup forms and automations sooo many times. And at one point during the bundle sign-up period, I was still having some issues. Luckily, I caught it early and it wasn’t a big deal but tech can be fussy sometimes.
  • Don’t be afraid to change things up during the bundle. I wish I’d done this better – analyzing the data, looking at what’s happening, tweaking things in my email welcome sequence, etc.
  • Promote the bundle a lot more. This can result in affiliate sales, of course. But it’s just a decent thing to do as it drives even more people to the bundle and all contributors can benefit from that.
  • Do the mindset work. Now this has 2 different sides and both of them important:
    1. It’s crazy that my list grew 7x bigger in such a short period of time. I had to upgrade my plan in Mailerlite and now I have a huge email list (for me). It feels kind of paralysing to have that many strangers in my world now – I overthink every single thing I want to send out and most times I’m just afraid that I’ll annoy people by getting into their inbox.
    2. There will be people who unsubscribe. Some will do that straight away, some will go later. It takes a lot of thought re-wiring, understanding that it’s a good thing and knowing that those people were not for you anyway.

Final words

Huge THANK YOU to Lizzy for the opportunity, all the contributors for the support and all the new people into my corner of the internet. This was definitely a crazy experience that has changed and up-levelled me in many ways. And I’m sure a lot of the lessons are still coming.

If it wasn’t for Lizzy and her courses (especially the Profitable Live Trainings), I wouldn’t even have any online products to sell.

In 2021, I looked at Lizzy calling for contributors and felt like I’d never be able to offer something useful and have a chance to be on a contributor list together with admirable and inspiring 6 and 7-figure business owners I looked up to. This year, I was on the list.